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Web-print offers the most comprehensive, flexible and secure printing solution in the industry.
The Web-print Guest Printing Service includes a website hosted by Web-print, the application software required for print delivery and a comprehensive guest awareness marketing kit. In addition to this standard offering there are valuable add-ons to ensure that the solution is offered to guests the way that best fits the hotel and its customers.

Guest Printing Website
The Web-print Guest Printing Service includes a property branded Guest Printing website, one for every hotel with a unique URL. This is implemented online using the set up wizard. Guests then access the internet and surf to the Guest Printing URL. They enter some user information then upload their files to this branded website for printing.

Print Delivery Station
The Print Delivery Station (PDS) software is a lightweight application that encapsulates the most commonly needed functions for print delivery. This acts as the print queue at the hotel and allows the guest or attendant to release print jobs using their email address, privacy code or other user information. The print Delivery Station resides on any low end PC and it does not have to be a dedicated machine. (i.e. it can be installed on the business center PC or a front desk PC).

Optional PrintValet Hardware Device
Web-print offers PrintValet, an optional hardware keypad to the Print Delivery Station. The PrintValet enables guests to release print jobs from a separate numeric keypad instead of a computer. When accessing the guest printing service webpage to submit documents for printing, the guest is prompted to enter a numeric code of 4 to 10 characters. The guest enters this same code on the PrintValet keypad to release print jobs to the printer. Print Valet can be used at the front desk or in a business center and is particularly beneficial for public environments that have busy computers or properties wanting to offer confidential release for back office printers.

Optional Print Release Client
This is an option with the Print Delivery Station that supports multiple installations within one property and allows guests to access their print jobs from any kiosk within the property. It also includes a simple user interface specifically designed for this feature.

The Printing Experience
The guest only needs to access the internet and go to the property branded printing website to upload his files (supports over 100 different file formats). The guest does not need to install any print drivers on his laptop or run down to the business center with a floppy. All of the printing happens from the comfort and privacy of their guest room and they can pick-up the print jobs at their leisure. There are no extra hardware peripherals except for the printer(s) themselves.

Web-print hosts the printing service, including the server, which performs the document conversion and delivery to the hotel printers, as well as the property specific branded web site. The hotel backoffice or business center installs the Print Delivery Station (PDS) software, which is a lightweight application that encapsulates the most commonly needed functions for print delivery. This acts as the print queue

Email Printing
Web-printís Email Printing enables guests using handheld devices, such as BlackBerry, PocketPC, iPAQ or any other email capable device, to print to the hotel printer. Guests simply forward an email message or documents to the printerís unique email address with no additional software required. The guest receives a
reply email message from Web-print with a release code, which the guest uses at the print release station to obtain their print job. Web-print Email Printing is a secure solution. Print requests are secured using SSL.
It supports more than 100 file formats.

With Web-print, data is transferred and encrypted using internet security standards ensuring guests privacy and security in every transaction. Standard features include:

Hotel Guest Room:
Guests create a Release Code password to identify the document and ensure secure privacy release. Data is transferred over the internet using 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) HTTPS. All SSL connections will time out if not used.

Print Delivery System:
Guests enter the corresponding Release Code in the Print Delivery Station, accessed on a computer connected to the printer. The Release Code ensures that the document is sent privately and securely to the printer, and prevents unwanted documents from being printed. Through an outbound port in the hotelís firewall, Print Delivery Station polls the Web-print servers for encrypted print job data and de-encrypts the data inside the hotelís firewall.

Integration Options
Web-print provides comprehensive and easy to implement Application Programming Interfaces. This is free to integrators and partners who wish to implement the Web-print Guest Printing Service with their own product offering. The APIs can be used to offer integrated billing, authentication and direct billing
into the Property Management system.

Optional Pay 4 Print
Web-print has the ability to collect money online using credit cards from people who use the service. The ďpay for printĒ option is ideal for sites that want to charge for printing and do not have an alternative means of collecting money from users. When Pay-for-Print mode is enabled, users are asked to provide a Code when they submit print requests. If they do not have a code, they can purchase one online.







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